Kylie & Noah's Waterfall Adventure | Kalihi, HI

If I could just hike waterfalls all day with my amazing clients, I totally would. After the first session I did at this amazing waterfall, I couldn't stop thinking about the next time I would have the chance to shoot here. When Kylie (@kymakenadean) reached out to me about doing a session with her boyfriend, I knew they would be perfect for my favorite little waterfall on this whole island. On the hike up we talked about how they met (at EDC - goals) and instantly connected. Kylie said how they are basically the same person, but different, which I thought was so cute because I always say that about my husband and I. We also talked about their long distance relationship and I gave them some advice, because thanks to the military we have a lot of experience in that department! Kylie has family on Oahu and they couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a little vacation to paradise together. This was also Kylie's first time seeing a waterfall so I was so excited to show them something new!

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