Christy & Dave | Oahu Waterfall Adventure

It's sessions like this one that make me love what I do! I love hiking, especially finding waterfalls, so mixing my love for hiking and photography created this magic..

This session was set up by a really great friend of mine who is also a photographer, who came out to Oahu to visit me! We have actually known each other since grade school, and haven't seen each other in years, so it was so cool that she was able to come out and we could share our passion together! Check out her Instagram @ashabaileyphotography. We were so excited to meet up with Christy and Dave to explore this waterfall with us. I took Asha the day before to check it out, and she fell in love with it instantly! It was my second time at this fall, and honestly is my favorite one on island. Christy and Dave had never been, so it was neat that they got to check out a new spot. They were so down to explore around the fall, and have some fun in the water.. it was a dream! Christy and Dave have the kind of love that just radiates off of them, and it translates in their images. I constantly find myself looking back at this session in awe, and I can't wait to have another adventurous session!

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