Ashley & Ralph's Engagement | Joshua Tree, CA

Growing up in Southern California, Joshua Tree was always one of those places that drew me in. The desert sunsets, miles of road, and giant rock formations have such a serene vibe that makes you never want to leave. After my husband and I left California, I always regretted never shooting there. A couple of years ago, Joshua Tree elopement and engagement sessions were almost all I saw on my Instagram feed, and I envied those photographers sooo much! But I knew one day I would have the chance I took for granted. It's actually crazy when you think about it, because Ashley and Ralph were one of the first couples I ever photographed when I started my business. I'm sure if you look far back enough on my Facebook business page, you'll be able to find some. When I saw that they got engaged this year (in Iceland in front of a waterfall) I knew I had to do their engagement photos for them when I went back home for Christmas. I'm sooo stoked we were able to meet up again, after not seeing each other for 3 years, and catch up on life. I'm even more stoked with how all the images turned out, and being able to document the love that these two share, again!

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