How I do Things

'Cause we all hate "smiling for the camera".

There was nothing worse when I was a kid than being forced to stand still and say "cheese". We all know that feeling. That childhood trauma is why we do things a little differently around here. No stiff poses, no forced smiles. I'm not a "point and click" photographer. I love movement, laughing, cuddles and most of all, emotion. I believe everything that makes your love story unique should be portrayed through your images. How do we achieve this? Through trust, vulnerability, and letting go. Trust me, my experience, and creative process - so you can show up and focus on each other. Be ready to get vulnerable and give me an inside look to your relationship (this is a no judgment zone).  Let go of the things you can't control, and embrace the now, because this moment in time only happens once. 

Let's have some Fun

(and get a little weird)

I want our time together to feel like your favorite date night (which means yes, I would love to be your third-wheel!) Get ready to laugh, maybe cry, and kiss each other until your lips hurt. We're going to embrace all the awkwardness and turn it into magic. Just bring the love and connection, and I'll bring the rest. Every walk of life is welcome here (and that means your furry friends too.)

Don't sweat the small stuff

Everything will work out exactly how it's supposed to

At the end of the day, nobody remembers the wrinkle in your shirt or fly-away hair. The memories that last are the ones linked to emotion. The excitement building before walking down the isle, the love you feel from the words in your vows, and the overwhelming feeling of joy being surrounded by family and friends. Capturing those moments is what I thrive on, and my priority. 

Do you Trust me?

The Big Question

I'm not the perfect photographer for everyone, and that's okay. I want you to be 110% positive that I'll document your love story  in the most authentic way. In order for me to do this, you have to be able to trust me. I know it can be a scary thing, but when the trust is there, everything falls into place. Are you ready to make this thing official?